Do you want to:

File for a divorce?

Create a separation agreement that will be compliant with the law and if needed, reviewed by a lawyer?

Make an application in court (you want to fight custody/decision-making, parenting time, child support, spousal support, division of property, house sale, and any other family-law-related issues)?

Save Time

Answer several questions of our Online Assistant and receive all the documents in your email.

Skip the lawyer

Our program will guide you throughout your court process and generate all the appropriate documents that you need.

*A lawyer can verify all the information and documents for compliance with the law.

One-time all-in price. No hidden fees

and privacy of personal

Comply with all

Lawyer Verified
(if requested)


Separation Agreement

  • -a complete customized separation agreement sent to you
Online divorce

  • *+$632 government filing fee
  • **+$299 if personal service of the documents is required
DIY kit

  • – All forms generated and sent to you with instructions for the next steps
Hassle-free Package
One time all-inclusive payment
  • – all forms generated and filed with the court
  • Issued application served on the opposing side
  • – Required next steps and forms sent to you

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