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Evgeniy Osipov


Evgeniy is an experienced litigation lawyer by trade and entrepreneur by soul. Ever since attending a law school, Evgeniy has been thinking about ways to modernize a legal profession to improve access to justice. A long convoluted life path including countless conversations and personal struggle with the inefficiency of the legal profession has led to the creation of Mypocketlawyer.ca.

As the son of a Russian wrestling champion and as someone who has been trained by an Olympian boxing medalist and now assists that medalist in coaching children, Evgeniy has long appreciated the value of self-discipline, hard work, and the need to strategize to win. 

Evgeniy is a person with a wide variety of interests. He is a former table tennis champion, a former competitive boxer (including Ontario), avid scuba diver, and astronomer. Evgeniy loves spending time with his wife and two beautiful daughters.  

Dmitriy Siratskiy


Dmitriy is a technical leader and co-founder of MyPocketLawyer standing at the forefront of the company’s innovation driving not only the company but the whole legal tech sector forward into the brighter future of more accessible legal services. He is passionate about innovations and brings over 20 years of experience in automation, information technologies, and project management.

During his leisure time, Dmitriy and his family love sweating in the sauna that Dmitriy has built himself

Tessa Gong


Tessa is a finance student at the University of Alberta who joined Mypocketlawyer.ca because of her interest in marketing.

Although she majored in finance at school, she minored in several marketing-related subjects and is very good at communicating with people.

Tessa has spent eight years in Canada in 2022, so she knows the country and her homeland, China.

Kristy Buza


Kristy is currently studying business at the Ivey School of Business. Through her course work, she has become interested in the field of marketing. Outside of school, Kristy likes to cook and spend time testing out new recipes. 

Seyran Ghazaryan

Software Developer

Seyran is currently a student studying Software Development at Seneca College. His passion and experience as a developer lead him to join the Mypocketlawyer.ca team to grow and further expand his knowledge.

Seyran is proficient in different programming languages and has experience with full-stack development and UX/UI design.

Besides staring at a screen all day, Seyran loves to work out, read and he is also a musician. His talent in music has brought him high success in Armenia and also Canada. Seyran loves to spend his spare time with family and friends.

Amandeep Kaur

Software Developer

Amandeep is an international student, passionate about software and web development with two and a half years of experience in Teaching different IT subjects in Royal Technologies. She’s very curious about technology and learning Mobile Application Development.

Having completed a Master of Science in Information Technology, Aman has deep knowledge in different programming languages, frameworks, databases as well as the principles and techniques of website development and maintenance.

She has joined an awesome team as a software developer to create MypocketLawyer.ca to achieve team morale and delivery.

Kira Overton

Software Developer

Kira is a software developer (intern) at MyPocketLawyer. She is always inspired by the possibilities of what can be built with computers. She spends her days working on code, contributing to open-source projects, and studying. 

Kira spends her free time enjoying the hiking trails around Thunder Bay and going to yoga classes.

Rajbeer Sokhi

Software Developer

Rajbeer is a software developer intern at MyPocketLawyer. He is an enthusiastic programmer who is eager to learn new things. Apart from programming he also likes sports and online gaming.

Charles Yizhen

Software Developer

Charles is a software developer intern at MyPocketLawyer. He has a strong passion for programming interesting apps as well as learning new skills. He likes skiing and watching movies. He is a platinum player in League of Legends. 

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